Benefits to Businesses

Because our goal at MORE Group is to match qualified job seekers with appropriate employment options, we know that our local businesses are just as much our customers as the individuals we serve.  Working with MORE Group offers community employers a variety of advantages that can significantly benefit their bottom lines.

  • Pre-screened referrals — We know our clients.  We know their strengths and skills sets.  They have demonstrated to us that they are going to show up on time, they are motivated to perform at their best and can get along well with others.  We only make confident, qualified referrals to businesses.
  • Training support — Many of our job seekers qualify for free on-site job coaching.  Time is money, and businesses can save both by allowing us to provide additional training support when possible.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit — Take advantage of a potential $2,400 tax credit.  Let us help you apply!
  • Workforce Diversity — Demonstrate your company’s commitment to creating workplace environments and practices that encourage learning from others and capture the advantage of diverse perspectives.
  • Working Interviews — Wouldn’t you like the chance to “try out” an applicant to see how they will perform on the job before you hire them?  Working interviews allow you to determine if the individual is a good fit with your business.
  • On-the-Job Training — Depending on the nature of the position, on-the-job training dollars are available through Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation to reduce your training expense.
  • Post-employment Support — Our work isn’t finished when our clients are hired.  We offer free post-employment support to ensure continued success and job retention.

You’re Our Customer, Too!  Without you, what we do doesn’t work.  That’s why we refer only qualified individuals to your business.  When you employ someone we have referred, we want you to be satisfied with the result and consider us the next time you have a vacancy to fill.

Some facts to consider from the U.S. Department of Education’s Disability Employment 101:

  • People with disabilities possess valuable problem-solving skills – they are experts in finding ways to perform tasks others may take for granted.
  • Employees with disabilities have proven themselves to be dependable, dedicated, hardworking and productive employees.
  • Many businesses report that the experience of working with people with disabilities increases the morale and productivity of other employees.
  • Employers that have return-to-work programs save in re-training costs and establish a culture that regards employees as valuable, not disposable.
  • Employees with disabilities reflect the customer base and can help craft effective marketing strategies to reach this lucrative market for companies that hire them.